The Word Terrorism, Media And Muslims

Terrorism is the intentional use or threat to use violence against civilians and non-combatants. occording to oxford dictionary terrorism means The use of violent actions in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act .

The word terrorism was initially first time coined in 1790s during the French revolution.The year 1793 & 1794 was called as The Reign Of Terror that time maximilin robespierre was heading government and during that time he has killed thousands of innocent human beings so this word terorrism was initially coined to describe the poeple during french revolution by the British government.

So today we have intertnational media and we hear a very common statment which is repeatedly bombarded on muslims specially in western media and that statment is ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS

Lets see what does the historical record say about the above mentioned statment.

1. On 1rst of october 1910 a bomb blast took place in los angeles times newspaper building killing 21 innocent people and the people responsible for this bomb blast were two christians by the name of James and Joseph.

2. On 16th of april 1925 a bomb blast took place in st.nedelya church in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria more than hundred and fifty (150) innocent people died and five hundred (500) injured,it was conducted by Bulgarian communist party they were non was the biggest terorrist attack on Bulgarian soil.

3. 1rst may 1951The first US airplane to be hijacked was by a non muslim by the name of Ramerez ortiz ,he hijacked the US airliner to Cuba and he later on got there asylum

4.On 28th of augast 1968 the US ambassador to guatemala was killed by a non muslim

5. 30th july 1969 the US ambassador to Japan was killed by a non muslim

6.3rd september 1969 the US ambassador to Brazil was kidnapped by a non muslim

7. The famous attack on 19th of april 1995 on federal building in okolahoma city which killed 166 innocent human beings and 100 others were injured initially it came in the press MIDDLE EAST CONSPIRACY for many days, later on we got to know that it was done by two christians by the name of Timothy and Terry but when this news came it was a couple of days than it vanished because it was done by christians not muslims but befor for several days MIDDLE EAST CONSPIRACY and MIDDLE EAST CONSPIRACY just to give muslims a bad identity.

8.After world war two from 1942 – 1948 in a spam of eight years 259 terrorist acts were conducted by jewish terrorists but it wasnt mentioned in media because they were jews not muslims

9.The bombing of king david hotel in 1946 done by menaghem in which 91 people killed out of which 28 were biritish 41 were arabs 17 jews and 5 others and at that time meneghem was called a big terrorist number one by the british government,later on after a few years he becomes prime minister of ISREAL and after few more years he gets a nobal prize for peace a terrorist getting Nobal prize for peace because he is a jewish.

10. Adolf hitler who killed 5 to 6 millions was a non muslim the Uk for hundred of years the IRA (Irish Republican Army) they are catholics but conducting attacks on UK they are never called catholic terrorists they are called IRA.
only in 1972 they conducted three bomb blasts, in 1974 2 bomb blast killing 10s of innocent people in 1996 they did a bomb blast 2 people killed 100s injured,the bomb blast continued till 1998 killing 29 and 330 injured and 2001 again a bomb blast was done by the IRA but they are not called catholic terrorists ,today the UK government is more afraid of so called muslim terrorists even the london bombing on 7th july is not confirmed to be done by muslim it is a suspected act by a muslim even if we agree for the sake of argument that they were muslims yet they can come no way near to IRA ,IRA put these bomb blast to shame they have killed hundered of thousands of people yet the UK government is more afraid of muslim than IRA which has over hundrad of year terrorist record in the UK
All these records are from non muslim resources such as BBC, CNN etc…

If we see the srilankan issue of tamil tigers who are know for terror inside srilanka and commiting suicide attacks on civilians are mentioned in Indian media as tamil terrorists not as hindu tamil terrorist but when it comes to muslims they first of all label them muslim terrorist without any proof or as suspected muslim terrorists.
So history confesses that muslims are not terrorists neither terrorism is a muslim monopoly

Islam is the religon of peace not terror the word islam means peace,the first thing what muslims say when they meet is assalam aleikom MAY PEACE BLESSING AND MERCY OF

Sources. Youtube,google,dr.zakir naik and some other books

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